my misc thoughts.


welcome to my thoughts page. this is where i'll put things i think about. ordered newest to oldest.

-i want to drive in the snow late at night listening to in rainbows. that sounds so melancholic.

-i have this urge when i get my new car to run away and never come back..
i want to just go start a new life somewhere where i wont have to worry about anything.

-i crave the eternal bliss that i have since lost.

-sceneofthecrash, hope youre alright, best wishes.

-my friends are going to help me set up a stereo system in my room so i can listen to music without my headphones. im excited.

-if i'm being honest, getting those edibles was a really good decision.
my anxiety is nearly gone and isnt some constant thing. its helped me move on. i feel calm.

-i have a poetry page now. theres nothing there at the moment but its there.

-having a 90s theme website makes me feel kind of cool. it would have been cool to have this in like 1997 or 1998.
maybe then ppl would like me.

-sometimes i wonder. if my corpse was found like how i imagine it, would they finally care.
once 1/3 of my skull is scattered on the floor, will they finally realize what happened.

-thanks for 4k.

-theyre here. happiness here i fucking come.

-not sure how much more i can take of this.

-my medication isnt helping. my anxiety is getting worse. help.

-i finally got to have fucking alcohol ha. ha. ha.

-i'm really scared of ending up in a psych ward.

-i am a mistake.

-feel like im losing my mind

-ive lost four pounds in two weeks.

-im ready for everything to be over

-cant sleep in the dark anymore

-i feel so worthless

-its never gonna get better for me

-i kinda want to go jump off a overpass

-ordered a kmfdm tour 97 shirt, excited for it to get here.


-rivers cuomo is a visionary

-one year ago today everything changed.

-you tear me apart inside.

-i still remember your laugh. innocent, beautiful, pure.

-links page is up, ur welcome.

-i dont know if my mental state is worse or not from a year ago?

-i want to apologize for everything i did last year.

-i sit here with a sore throat and fever making a phone background for 8 hours, and i just feel worse.

-just like noel said, where did it all go wrong?

-everything was going so well and now ive hit rock bottom

-ive watched 16 episodes of danny phantom in one sitting. i dont have a problem. i promise.